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BHPH Highlights


100% Device Transparency​
Wired and Wireless Devices
NEW Revenue Liberty Motor Club
Reports on Top Stops, Trips, and Events
Automated Inventory Low Battery Reports
BHPH Smartphone Install App


Tamper Alerts
NEW Revenue Opportunities
Inventory Monitoring
Non-Reporting Device Dashboard
Compliant Recovery Orders

Track Loans in our Patriot Smartphone App

BHPH Highlights

Patriot Apps

Patriot Apps

Branded Dealership App

  • Sell Stolen Vehicle Recovery LITE for NEW revenue

  • Offer Liberty Motor Club for NEW revenue

  • Send customizable maintenance service coupons

  • Send Marketing Messages to STAY connected to your customer

  • Increase PVR and ROI


SVR Lite App

Maximize F&I efficiency by selling stolen vehicle recovery to your subprime buyers. 


Here's how it works:

In the event of a stolen vehicle, your customer will call 911 and report their car stolen. They will then be given a police report number which they will enter into the app. 


This will provide tracking information to the police so they can recover their asset quickly.

Installer App

Installations and GPS transfers are easy with the use of our Installer App. 

Just click "Install" in the center of the screen and follow the step-by-step instructions to scan the device to the vehicle it's installed on.

Patriot also offers an experienced team of installers who perform device installations at dealerships, partner service centers, and mobile installations when and where you want for your business and customers.

Recovery & Repossession

PAM tracking includes every start & stop, 5-minute tracking, “Top Stops,” and “Long Stops” reports, and more for fast and easy recoveries.


Assignable Recovery Orders At The Click of a Button


Ensure 100% Security and Compliance Privacy


Recovery App for Agents


Customized Access for Each Employee

Recovery & Repossession

ROI Options

Patriot offers your dealership the opportunity to sell Pre-Paid Oil Changes, SVR LITE and Liberty Motor Club as NEW revenue, therefore producing an ROI.

By partnering with Patriot your dealership can eliminate your GPS expense 100%
Pre-Paid Oil Changes with our National Partner or your Service Center

Customized Maintenance Management System

  • Includes Service Reminders, Maintenance Coupons, Discounts, and Recall Notifications

SILVER Protection or SVR Lite

  • Sell Stolen Recovery Protection to subprime buyers and allow them to provide tracking access of their stolen vehicle to their local police department 24/7.

Liberty Motor Club

  • LMC's benefits are as flexible as its member's needs in that they can be accessed via 24/7 toll free dispatch. 

image (27).png
ROI Options

Inventory Management

Our PAM Inventory Management System (IMS) will track all inventory with multiple features designed specifically for your operation.

PAM will provide automated alerts to your dealership of any vehicle movement after pre-described hours for security as well as vehicles with dead or low batteries to avoid those embarrassing non-start test drives.

  • Daily Low Battery Vehicle Reports

  • Tamper Alerts

  • Geofence Alerts

  • 5 Minute Tracking When Tracking Stolen Inventory

  • PAM Installer App with Vehicle Sync

  • Customized Alerts Based on Your Dealer’s Needs

Inventory Management

Auto Loan Driver Analytics

Get access to your vehicle assets with analytics including:


Top stops, trips, and events

Home Address Verification

5-minute tracking while in motion

Display of speed and direction with each moving event

"Report Now" capabilities

And More!

Driver Analytics

Theft Benefit

Our Theft Protection offers you a proven recovery system, and in the event your/your customer's vehicle is stolen and not recovered, our coverage provides a monetary reimbursement of up to $2,500!

Theft Benefit
unlock potential, restricted tracking for SVR lite.jpg

Loan Servicing & Collection

PAM will improve your loan servicing & collections with many high-level asset management features.

Our PAM dashboard will report any devices that have not been reported within 48 hours, 7 days, and 30 days.

What other GPS company provides non-reporting device reports?

  • Customized Mapping Options for

    • All Vehicles

    • Past Due Vehicles

    • Starter Disabled Vehicles

    • Enabled Payment Reminders

    • Customers assigned for Repossession

  • High Level Asset Management Features

  • Payment Reminder Warning Buzzers

  • Optional Starter Disable Feature

  • UNLIMITED Geofences

  • Assignable Recovery Orders At The Click Of A Button With Our Compliant Recovery App

  • Close and Add a New Loan with the Same GPS Device

  • Vehicle and Safety Alerts for

    • Device Tampers

    • Power Disconnects

    • Potential Collisions

    • Excessive Mileage

    • Movement Alerts

    • Impound Lot Notifications

Loan Servicing & Collection

Patriot Reinsurance

Patriot Reinsurance puts your dealership or auto finance company in the premier position to create a more profitable business.

With Patriot reinsurance, you retain your premium reserves in an account you actually own 100%. 
This gives you greater flexibility on how claims are handled for more efficient processes and more satisfied customers. 

Patriot Reinsurance

Patriot Vehicle Coverage

We offer Vehicle Service Contracts designed for BH/PH Dealers with various levels of coverage & term options to help you produce an awesome ROI!

  • Lowest Administration Fees for biggest ROI

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Off-Shore Company or USA Domicile Company set up

  • Customized Plans & Coverage’s available.

  • Easy to Use Patriot Product Portal

  • F&I Express Integrations


Certified Limited Warranty

Powertrain Plus Coverage with Towing, Rental, and Emergency Roadside Assistance. 

By certifying your inventory, you’re increasing your potential to earn at the Time of Sale & create Long Term Wealth. 

  • Consumer Confidence with Certified vehicles

  • Certified cars earn a higher premium per unit than non-Certified cars

  • Certified increases customer loyalty

  • Up-Sell additional terms after Certified Limited warranty ends

Follow the Patriot Way to maximize your reinsurance company

Patriot GAP

We offer Patriot Asset Protection GAP Contracts for qualified Buy Here-Pay Here Dealers and Auto Lenders.


  • Coverage Benefits & Features

  • 125% & 150% MSRP

  • Low-Cost Admin Fees

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Managed Through Us And Owned By You

  • Customized Point-of-Sale Material

  • Easy Online Contract Rating

  • Quick & Easy Claims Service

  • Claims Management to Maximize Your Reserve Dollars

  • Earn Investment Income & Potential Tax Advantages



CPI & VSI: Insurances to Protect 

CPI & VSI can reduce your loan risk and create long-term wealth. When an auto loan is made based upon certain collateral, the loan agreement requires the borrower to purchase and maintain physical damage insurance.

However, not all borrowers will keep it active, for a variety of reasons.

In order to minimize the risk of your loss, your company has two options:
Vendor’s/Lender’s (Blanket) Single Interest
Collateral Protection Insurance


Patriot is here to help with both!

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