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Patriot Vehicle Coverages

For Peace of Mind on the Road

Why is the Freedom Auto Protection Plan the Most Important Option for Your Vehicle?

It protects your investment against Major repair expenses & provides You with the following:


P.V.C. Claims Service

Simply call, toll-free 1-866-803 1907 and you will receive instant authorization of covered repairs via our Capital Admin Pro Claims Service.


The Freedom Auto Protection Plan pays for all authorized repairs with only a minimal deductible charge, per your contract.

Freedom Auto Protection Plan At Resale

The Freedom Auto Protection Plan transferable to the next owner of your vehicle, which automatically increases the value at resale.

Rising Labor & Part Cost

This protection means you never have to worry about rising repair costs, due to increasing parts & labor.

Unlimited Repairs

You are entitled to an unlimited number of authorized repairs, up to the value of your car.

Maximum Mechanical Breakdown Protection for Vehicles

Basic Coverage

  • Gasoline/Diesel Engine

  • Rotary Engine

  • Transmission

  • Drive Axle: 2WD & 4WD

Standard Coverage

  • Includes Basic Value

  • Air Conditioning

  • Front Suspension

  • Steering

  • Brakes

  • Fuel System

  • Cooling System

  • Base Electrical

Preferred Coverage

  • Includes Basic and Standard Coverage

  • High Tech Electrical

Rental Car & Towing Protection

The Freedom Auto Protection Plan provides up to 6 days of rental protection. They pay up to $30 per day or $180 total per occurrence when overnight covered repairs are necessary for your vehicle. In addition, you will receive towing coverage of up to $50 per occurrence if the repair is covered under your plan.

What Is NOT Covered

For a complete list of what is not covered, refer to your PVC Contract.

Premium Coverage

If You have purchased Premium Coverage as shown on the Registration Page, We will pay or reimburse You for Reasonable Costs to repair or replace any Breakdown of all mechanical or electrical parts or components listed in the Schedule of Coverages for Basic, Standard, and Preferred Coverage and will cover all parts covered under the vehicle manufacturer’s basic factory warranty, except for parts specifically excluded in the contract.

Additional Benefits

The following additional benefits are included with all Coverages:

1. Towing Benefit – In the event of a Breakdown covered by this Contract, We will pay or reimburse You for receipted towing expenses up to fifty dollars ($50.00) per occurrence. Any payment shall be for actual towing charges in excess of any applicable reimbursement from the manufacturer or any other towing Coverage. No Deductible will apply to this benefit.

2. Rental Benefit – In the event of a Breakdown covered by this Contract. We will pay or reimburse You for receipted expenses to rent a replacement vehicle (from a licensed rental agency) or for alternate public transportation while Your Vehicle is at a licensed Repair Facility. Coverage will be provided to You up to a maximum of thirty dollars ($30.00) for every eight (8) labor hours, or portion thereof, of applicable labor time required to complete the repair, up to a maximum of one hundred eighty dollars ($180.00) for each repair visit. No Deductible applies to this benefit. 

Service Types

  • What Is A Vehicle Service Contract?
    In the event of a mechanical breakdown, vehicle service contracts provide added protection to your customers by covering the cost of parts and labor for qualified repairs. It guarantees your customers are protected from the moment they drive off your lot.
  • How To File A Claim
    To file a claim following a mechanical breakdown, follow these simple steps: Upon notice of a mechanical breakdown, safely pull over and turn off your vehicle. If you need towing or roadside assistance, and it is included in your coverage, refer to your contract for the number to call. Take your vehicle to a licensed repair facility. Once your vehicle is at the repair facility, have the facility contact Patriot with an estimate PRIOR to beginning any work on the vehicle. If it is determined that a covered component has failed and the repairs are approved, Patriot will issue a claims authorization number that will need to appear on any billing invoices for payment. For additional details regarding claims processing, please refer to your contract.
  • How To Remit A Contract
    Please see the instructions on this document.
  • How To Transfer A Contract
    Content coming soon.
  • Dealer Portal
    Content coming soon.

Why Business Owners Love Patriot


PAM provides many great features for collections and recovery. They are always helping us customize options for our business needs.


Finance Manager


Their level of customer service is the best I have experienced in my 30 years in risk management.


Business Manager


I feel safe knowing that I can monitor my dealer's installations and ask for help any time I need it.


Operation Manager

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