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Patriot Reinsurance

We offer Vehicle Service Contracts designed for Retail Dealers, BH/PH Dealers, and Auto Finance Companies with various levels of coverage & term options. We can create your VSC Reinsurance Company that will produce long-term wealth returns. Our Mission is to build a long-term partnership with your company to help you produce an awesome ROI!

Patriot Reinsurance

Patriot Vehicle Coverage

We offer Vehicle Service Contracts designed for Dealers and Lenders with various levels of coverage & term options to help you produce an awesome ROI!

  • Lowest Administration Fees for biggest ROI

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Off-Shore Company or USA Domicile Company set up

  • Customized Plans & Coverage’s available.

  • Easy to Use Patriot Product Portal

  • F&I Express Integration 

Vehicle Coverage

Certified Limited Warranty

Powertrain Plus Coverage with Towing, Rental, and Emergency Roadside Assistance. 

By certifying your inventory, you’re increasing your potential to earn at the Time of Sale & create Long Term Wealth. 

  • Consumer Confidence with Certified vehicles

  • Certified cars earn a higher premium per unit than non-Certified cars

  • Certified increases customer loyalty

  • Up-Sell additional terms after Certified Limited Warranty expires 

Follow the Patriot Way to maximize your reinsurance company

Limited Warranty

Patriot GAP

We offer Patriot Asset Protection (PAP) GAP Contracts for qualified Retail Dealers, BH/PH Dealers, and Auto Finance Companies. 

  • 125% & 150% MSRP

  • Low-Cost Admin Fees

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Easy Online Contract Rating

  • Quick & Easy Claims Service

  • GAP Plus Option Available in Qualified States

  • Claims Management to Maximize Your Reserve Dollars

  • Earn investment income & potential tax advantages with your own reinsurance company.



CPI & VSI: Insurances to Protect 

CPI & VSI can reduce your loan risk and create long-term wealth. When an auto loan is made based upon certain collateral, the loan agreement requires the borrower to purchase and maintain physical damage insurance.

However, not all borrowers will keep it active, for a variety of reasons.

In order to minimize the risk of your loss, your company has two options:
Vendor’s/Lender’s (Blanket) Single Interest
Collateral Protection Insurance


Patriot is here to help with both!


Why Business Owners Love Patriot


PAM provides many great features for collections and recovery. They are always helping us customize options for our business needs.


Finance Manager


Their level of customer service is the best I have experienced in my 30 years in risk management.


Business Manager


I feel safe knowing that I can monitor my dealer's installations and ask for help any time I need it.


Operation Manager

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