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10 Things to Know About Wireless GPS Tracking

Thinking of making the switch to wireless GPS tracking? Take a look at these ten facts to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Wireless tracking units are easy to install and don’t require an experienced installer.

  2. They are often more expensive than traditional tracking devices.

  3. Wireless GPS units are hidden while wired ones are often easy to find if the installation isn’t done properly.

  4. Not all wireless GPS devices are made equal. PAM GPS devices are powered to last over three years when not in recovery mode.

  5. Wireless devices can be switched to “recovery” mode when repossessed or stolen and then switched back to preserve battery.

  6. PAM’s wireless GPS devices will report multiple times in the first five days to build up a device tracking history for the customer and then will report once per day unless in recovery mode.

  7. In recovery mode, PAM’s GPS devices will report every five minutes while in motion and will show the direction, speed, and geographic location of the customer.

  8. You can also use geofence tracking with wireless units in Recovery mode.

  9. Soon, PAM will be offering SILVER Asset Protection with wireless units which includes SVR and roadside assistance.

  10. With the PAM portal, all tracking units come with Inventory Management and complete device transparency; with these features, you will know instantly when a tracking device stops reporting – before needing to recover the vehicle.

To learn more about wireless GPS tracking or to compare wired and wireless units, contact our team at 833-726-0767 or We’re happy to help.


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