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5 Most Important Strategies for a BDC

Whether your BDC follows a script or simply uses a more flexible word guide, it’s important to remember these five key strategies:

  1. Lead through questions. In a BDC, you’re either asking or answering questions. While it’s okay to answer questions like: “Where are you located? Do you have __ in stock? and What are your hours?”, there are also questions that are best saved for IN the store like “What are your interest rates? How much for my trade? Would you take $__ for this car?”  Learning how to navigate a conversation and lead through questions is the best way to deter those questions and bring the customer back to an appointment when they occur.

  2. Focus on your tone! A script can be a useful tool for new BDRs, but the most important thing to remember on the phone is to emphasize certain words and show expressions in your tone. Make your customer feel what you feel (or at least what you’re showing them you feel.) 

  3. Smile! Believe it or not, it does change your tone of voice! (Seriously, choose three BDRs and tell only one of them to smile as each read a short line like “I love chocolate.” Chances are, nearly everyone will be able to tell which one was smiling.

  4. Take breaks! Take 3-5 minutes each hour to check in on your BDRs and track their progress. This is also a great time to throw out a few objections and see how well your BDRs can handle the steam. In addition to tracking and training breaks, it is important to remind BDRs to stretch as well. This will allow them to focus better and have more energy on the phone.

  5. Imagine things from the customer’s point of view. Ask yourself “If I were the customer, how would I want this information to be presented to me? What would I want to hear?” With those questions in mind, writing word guides or even just maintaining a conversation will be made much easier and will result in more appointments!

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