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Why You Should Include Objections In Your BDC Scripts

We have recently released articles in a BDC segment we started and one of the things we’ve been asked is about the importance of objections. One of the most challenging things for a BDC agent is getting hit with an objection that they aren’t prepared for, so we’re publishing this piece about why you should include objections in your BDC scripts (and which objections should you include in a script).

Having objections in your BDC scripts will allow your agents to reassure customers quickly and make your customers feel more confident in their decision to buy a new car. It will also help assure your BDC agent that they can handle various conversations and have all the tools they need for a successful call.

Typically, an Objections section is added at the end of a particular call script and will include the most common objections like price, payment, and trade value; however, you can create a separate Objections script for agents to keep in the back of their books for objections that are not used as often or for objections that don’t fit on the page.

Objections should include anything that has stumped one or more of your agents in the past. Often, customers will need to hear the same objection more than once for them to believe that what they’re being told is true, so for common objections like credit, payment, trade, and price, it is usually best to create two or more objections for agents to use to help reassure your customer. (Having three will make sure that each agent has a new message to use if the call needs to be turned over (T/Oed) to someone more experienced.)

Providing reassurance both to your customers and to your agents through objection handling is an essential part of operating an effective BDC. Be sure to ask your agents if there are messages they aren’t comfortable with or messages that aren’t sitting well with their customers and revise your messaging to make sure it is beneficial.

When writing a rebuttal, ask yourself “If I were the customer receiving this message, how would I want it presented to me? What would make me feel more comfortable with continuing this conversation or visiting this dealership?”

Finding the right message and making sure it stays in line with your company’s culture and policies will ensure that your customers have a positive experience and that your BDC agents feel confident. Having a confident agent will further ensure your prospects to feel comfortable and confident and will ultimately lead to more showroom traffic and more sales for your dealership.

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