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Driving Loyalty and Brand Awareness: The Branded App Connection

If your dealership wants to thrive, staying connected to customers post-sale is crucial to repeat business. With a Branded App by Patriot, you stay connected while at the same time building value with perks other dealerships don’t offer.

When customers purchase a vehicle from a dealership with a branded app, that post-sale connection is in the palm of their hand and at the end of your string.

Patriot Asset Management provides a state-of-the-art branded app for your dealership. They specialize in equipping dealers with tools that will increase brand awareness, add value, and help them to create repeat customers. Your branded app will drive consumers back to your dealership. The goal of Patriot is to turn the GPS device, whether a franchise, independent, or buy here, pay here, into an ROI.

Key areas that would benefit your business through a customized app for your dealership.

Presale Benefit:

Know immediately when a vehicle exits or enters your lot after hours.

Know which cars have been in your service center and for how long.

Create geofences with alerts around multiple locations.

Report an asset stolen in live time and provide fast access to the police for quick recovery.

Low Battery Reports

No more guessing which vehicles have low voltage. Receive daily reports of every vehicle in your inventory that needs a jump start. Avoid lost sales and avoid creating uncertainty in potential customers by always putting yourself in the best possible situation to close a deal. Low battery reports are a game changer.

Potential Impact Alert

Monitor vehicles as they move around your lot and while out on test drives.

Know immediately if one of your assets has been in an accident.

No more surprises!

Benefits of Post Sale: Dealer Level Service

Our solution empowers dealers with insights into crucial post-sale maintenance events. This heightened visibility facilitates early service outreach and accelerates revenue growth in the service drive. Here's how we make it happen:

1. Dealer sponsored service coupons

2. Dealer sponsored sales and promotions

3. Automated service reminders to customers

4. The ability to drive customers back to your service center

5. White glove tech support from Patriot

6. Predictive maintenance reports

7. Prepaid oil changes

Your dealership can create new revenue in your F&I Department with our Consumer Protection Package, including Stolen Recovery. Our National GPS LTE coverage ensures rapid recovery of any vehicles reported stolen.Consumers will enjoy instant location access and receive various alerts such as low battery, speed, mileage, movement, geofence boundary breaches, power disconnect, and potential collision alerts.

Benefits of Post Sale: For the Consumer

1. Offers safety from theft and unauthorized riders

2. Automated alerts of low battery status

3. A Family Protection Plan to offer safety to loved ones

Potential collision alerts

4. Dealer branded service and maintenance reminders

The ability to schedule maintenance directly from the app using YOUR service scheduling link

5. White glove tech support from Patriot

The experts at Patriot Asset Management can customize a plan to help your dealership’s ROI increase exponentially. Your journey toward enhancing customer loyalty and dealership success begins here. For additional information, contact Patriot Asset Management at or call 833-726-0767.


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