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Wireless GPS: Expanding Influence in Our Interconnected World

Qualified GPS install technicians have become more expensive to employ and more difficult to find. As techs come and go, consistent quality installations are difficult for service managers to monitor and maintain. As a result, the market for wireless GPS devices has grown substantially.

Dealers ❤️ wireless devices.

  • Easy to install with no wires to splice: What used to take 15-20 minutes is now done in 5.

  • Perfect fit for finicky EVs and Hybrids: Most tend to have issues with hard-wired devices, so wireless has become the preferred choice.

  • Magnetic mounts: The best models come with magnetic mounts that prevent slipping or the dreaded wireless tumble.

  • Backup option: Good as a backup device for savvy BHPH customers or car thieves that check the OBD.

Wireless GPS devices aren’t perfect.

  • Limited installation options: Undetectable placement is tough.

  • Velcro-secured: Most wireless GPS devices are secured with velcro, which can lead to the device’s placement shifting, creating spotty tracking or worse—no tracking at all.

  • Inconsistent battery life.

  • Few wake-up events: Most models offer only 1 wake-up a day, which is not ideal for dealers, consumers, or lenders needing to activate recovery mode.

Patriot’s asset management division has worked hard to bring their customers the best products possible. Patriot looked at the existing wireless GPS field and identified the main pain points. Gone are the 1 wake-up event a day, short battery life, and zip-tied/velcro install method.

Meet Patriot’s New Wireless GPS Device

  • 6 daily wake-ups (2 GPS locates)

  • 💪 4+ years of battery life

  • Built-in heavy-duty magnetic mount for easy installation

  • Incredibly affordable introductory pricing of $79 + shipping

  • IMS and recovery mode Patriot’s wireless device is another game-changer.

For personalized strategies to enhance dealership success and foster customer loyalty, reach out to ROI By Patriot at or call 833-726-0767.


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