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How Your Kids Can Help You Sell More Cars

I recently came across a Facebook post that discussed the success kids had at selling cars for and with their parents at a car dealership. 

This reminded me of when I was eight years old and first realized that I wanted to sell cars.

My mom brought me to the dealership where she was trying to buy a new Kia. I LOVED the car! The back seat was more spacious than what my sister and I were used to. It had cup holders in the back and the middle seat pushed down so it could be used as a sister-divider and arm rest. It was perfect!

Naturally, my mom didn’t notice these things because we weren’t given a proper walk-around so all my mom knew was that it drove okay. When it came time for the pencil, my mom was skeptical. It wasn’t a bad deal, but she wasn’t sold on the car. Her unsure face was just as crushing to me as it was to the salesman. He was new and was starting to get flustered when I chimed in and sold my mom on the car and all its great benefits! That day I realized that I wanted to sell cars (which I later went on to do).

While I helped sell the car from the buyer’s side, there are kids who are helping their parents sell cars from the dealer’s side, too. To protect the privacy of those involved, I have removed the names of the individuals in the post.

  1. Name Changed

  2. My 8 yo granddaughter wants to come sell cars with me on Sat. I sell Buick and GMC. I think it’s a win! (She negotiated $50 for every car she sells lol)

  3. Protection

  4. My GM brought his son in a couple of months ago and he sold a car. It was pretty rad

  5. Security purposes

  6. Great idea, set her up for success later in life, sounds to me like she’s off to a good start already

  7. Privacy Protection

  8. I did that when I was 11 with my old man, flipped a customer from a used Dodge Caliber to a new Durango

  1. Patriot Pam

  2. Kids are the best sales people ever.

  3. Security Matters

  4. Used to bring my daughter to work regularly when I sold RV’s… she’d color pictures for them while I went for a pencil… Taught her to ask “Are you buying an Rv from my daddy?” Talk about a pressure close. She sat right there while I asked for the money, and if they balked, she called em on it… Savage closer that one

  5. F&I Tools

  6. Sold my first one at 12! If your boss is cool with it, bring her!

  7. We Care 4 U

  8. Funny thing is you may have to pay up because kids just being present can help you sell cars. I’ve experienced it. It reveals your humanity to people, it makes them want to give you their money.

  9. U R Covered

  10. Get your checkbook ready!

  11. Asset Protection

  12. My son, back when he was 7, closed a two car deal for me. I didn’t Have childcare one day so my boss let me bring him in the dealership. He walked up needing a drink and asked if I was selling the couple a car. I said we were trying to get it worked out. He asked if I was giving them a good deal and [I] said yes. He looked them dead In The eye and said “my dad told me never to lie so if he says it’s a good deal then you should buy it”. They signed on the line immediately.

Of course, hiring a child to sell cars without a worker’s permit is illegal, but allowing employees to take their kids to work may actually be beneficial in increasing car sales.

It may even be worth trying out a special “Tiny Tots Tuesday” or “Family Fun Friday” sales event.

For more creative ways to increasing car sales, check out our Blog or contact our office at


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