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Service Drive Fell in 2023: 5 Ways to Improve It

According to the most recent statistics in the auto industry, service drive volume fell in 2023 to its lowest level in six years! There has been a 5% drop in repairs made the same day they were diagnosed. It is a tough time for dealers, for Americans in general. Inflation impacts everyone at some point and what isn’t essential quickly drops to the bottom of the to-do list. A customer’s experience must be excellent, or they are unlikely to make you their first option going forward. Customers are looking for convenience, cost-effective options, and service they can trust without pressure and irritating robocalls. So what can you do when your service center is quiet and repeat customers are few and far between?

Here are a few suggestions from the professionals at ROI By Patriot.

  • The relationship between your service center and your customers begins the day they decide to buy from you and is reinforced through the ways you connect and communicate with them about all matters, including routine maintenance and customer loyalty. Keep in mind robocalls are sent to voicemail. Email goes to spam or is left unread. Friendly Maintenance Reminders are the path forward. Sent directly to their smartphones, maintenance reminders are a noninvasive way to stay connected, remind them of needed service, and create urgency without pressure. Our dealers have reported up to a 40% increase in scheduled service appointments following the implementation of our Connected Driver and MMS program. A 40% increase is significant. What would that mean for you?

  • Offering GPS-driven maintenance notifications is one way to convey to customers you care, but don’t you think your customers deserve access to specials and discounts? With Connected Driver, you can create custom coupons and have them automatically sent to your customers through your app. Start a loyalty coupon program that doesn’t involve email or stamps. Put a custom coupon in the palm of their hand whenever you want. Show your customers you value their business and appreciate the fact that they chose you.

  • When you get them through the door now you need to make them comfortable. Clean, bright spaces attended to by friendly staff are essential. Free water, coffee, tea, and juice for the kids all foster the idea that their experience has always been the only thing that matters. There is an old saying, “Sales sells the first car, service sells the next.” When your dealership focuses on accessibility, innovation, connection, and personalization, you will profit from these perks. Our goal with Connected Driver is to partner with you to build generational success through repeat customers.

The experts at ROI By Patriot can customize a plan to help your dealership’s ROI increase exponentially. Your journey toward enhancing customer loyalty and

dealership success begins here. For additional information, contact Patriot Asset Management at or call 833-726-0767.


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