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The Aftermarket: What Car Buyers Want Most

Car buyers are looking for perks that are different or better than what other dealers are offering. Offering the latest tech is a major motivator in the decision process for consumers. If it is newer, faster, nicer, has better rated safety features consumers want it. The growing demand for granular data among car buyers has dealers rethinking their product line. What were once after thoughts like speed alerts, geofence info, recall information, dash cameras, & maintenance reminders are now considered valuable data points most consumers are searching for. If they are not present at time of sale they are likely to be added aftermarket.

Here are the top three aftermarket products that car buyers are most interested in:

The Dash Cam & Rear Facing Cam

What used to be a novelty has now become a standard feature for many drivers, providing essential security and recording capabilities. Not only do dash cams protect you from fraudulent insurance claims, but they also provide valuable evidence in the event of an accident and can help improve overall driving habits by recording and reviewing driving behavior, as well as document unique and noteworthy events that drivers feel compelled to share in our connected world.

Comprehensive GPS Systems

The negative stigma surrounding GPS tracking is waning as consumers increasingly embrace living in a completely connected world. The right device can offer a ton of features data-hungry consumers are searching for, including:

  • A branded smartphone app

  • Geofencing

  • Stolen vehicle recovery

  • Theft benefit

  • Unsafe driving alerts

  • Detailed trip reports

  • Maintenance notifications

  • Loyalty programs

And all of it is available at their fingertips.

Upgraded Audio Systems

Upgraded sound systems with features like Bluetooth connectivity, interior and exterior LED lighting, smartphone integration, and premium speakers are highly sought after by many car buyers. It was always a popular flex for younger buyers, but now more seasoned car buyers are wading into the world of high-tech sound and entertainment systems.

So what are you offering your customers that sets you apart from your competitors, scratches their itch for tech, and drives repeat business and ROI? A branded app by Patriot is a great place to start. Contact us today at 800-722-0767 or email us at for more info.


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