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Utilizing GPS Features To Create ROI and Repeat Customers

Patriot offers more ways to protect your assets and increase ROI than any other GPS provider in the industry. Fully automated and customized to your specifications, Patriot's GPS driven maintenance reminder program is a game changer. Not only does it help customers keep their vehicles in top form, it keeps you connected with minimal effort and drives your customers back to your service center. Ultimately, it will drive them back to your dealership when it's time to purchase a new vehicle.

Below are some of the features of our GPS service.

Benefits of Maintenance Reminders

  • Direct connection to your customers

  • Drives customers to your service center

  • Reinforces the ongoing relationship between your dealership and your customers

  • Cultivates trust and elevates your brand

How Maintenance Reminders Work

  • Through your app, push notifications are sent directly to your customers.

  • Notifications can be customized around your criteria

  • Notifications are triggered based on mileage thresholds calculated by Patriot GPS

  • Mileage thresholds for different types of services can be set. Those service types include:

    • Oil Changes

    • Transmission Service

    • Inspections

    • Lease Mileage Limit

    • Cabin Filter/Air Filter

    • A/C Service

    • Manufacturer Scheduled Service

    • Safety/Emissions Check

    • Inspection

Email campaigns have become unimpactful in driving meaningful connections. Maintenance reminders are the way to establish and maintain that post sale connection vital for ROI and repeat business. But they do more than just send notifications. They solidify relationships, foster trust, and pay off in repeat customers.

The experts at Patriot Asset Management can customize a plan to help your

dealership’s ROI increases exponentially. Your journey toward enhancing customer

loyalty and dealership success begins here. For additional information, contact Patriot

Asset Management at or call 833-726-0767.


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