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25 Ways to Increase Dealership Leads Organically

Perhaps the best way to generate foot traffic is to publish free, organic, content that targets your customers’ needs and interests.

You can do this by publishing blog posts with topics such as:

  1. The best vacation spots in (Your State)

  2. 10 great places to star gaze (from the safety and comfort of your new (Make/Model)

  3. Why Summer/Spring/Winter/Fall is the best time to buy/sell a car

  4. 12 (or any number you want) things to consider when buying a car

  5. The best places to shop for a New/Pre-Owned car in (Your State/City)

Advertise customer success stories like:

  1. How Marcy got a car for $250/mo with $0 down

  2. How you can receive $12k for your used vehicle (Andy did, and so can you!)

  3. Why so many customers take advantage of the retention package/Upgrade Program at (Your Dealership)

  4. Why Your Dealership __ (does something awesome) for their customers!

  5. 10 Reasons to visit (Your Dealership) when buying a new car

Publish videos on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

  1. Create energetic walk-around videos

  2. Come up with a jingle for your dealership

  3. Broadcast Holiday jingles with your staff dressed up and having fun

  4. Record a customer winning a prize

  5. Record awards being given to your staff

Update your website and include:

  1. Front and back-end SEO

  2. Video feed to capture your audience’s attention

  3. A walk-around video for each car (if possible) or a “Request Walk-Around Video” button

  4. Forms or quizzes to capture customer information and feedback

  5. Creative landing pages (Google LOVES these!)

Advertise customer incentives like:

  1. One/Two/Three Year(s) of FREE oil changes

  2. Warranties on all Pre-Owned cars

  3. Stolen Vehicle Recovery (and SILVER Protection for subprime buyers)

  4. Smart payment system with automated reminders

  5. Exclusive Upgrade opportunities after 2-3 years (with a free script provided by Patriot Asset Management.)

Whether you’re a marketing guru or new to publishing, there are a lot of ways to get your name out there and generate new business. Share the first fifteen ideas with your sales team and encourage them to get creative. (You can even offer a prize for the person who generates the most foot traffic from their content.)

Does your dealership do something different?

We’d love to hear from you or be a resource for you to get ideas from. Send an email to or call 833-726-0767.

Talk to you soon!


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