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A BDC call schedule, the way it should be

Wonder if your BDC is contacting customers as often as they should? This BDC call schedule will help make sure you’re ahead of the game when it comes to customer contact.

Customers are most likely to visit a dealer: in the first three days after submitting a lead, 7 days after submitting a lead, 14-15 days after submitting a lead, and one month after submitting a lead, so having continuous contact is vital. 

Many dealerships have their BDC contact leads for 90 days following this schedule:

Day 1: Morning and afternoon (with a powerful, upbeat message, every time)

Day 2: Morning and afternoon 

Day 4: Any time (If falls on a day the dealership is closed, complete the task one day early)

Day 7: Any time

Day 10: Any time

Day 15: Any time (with a concerned tone and a special coupon that expires in 3 weeks)

Day 30: Any time (upbeat, remind of coupon that expires in one week)

Day 45: Any time (“How can we help?” message)

Day 60: Any time (Looking for smoke signals, are you okay?)

Day 90: Any time (I hope we haven’t bothered you and we are always here to help)

(If a prospect submits a lead in the middle of the day, only one call should be made as soon as the lead comes in, and the second call should be made the next day.)

*Pro Tip: Starting after Day 10, move up the call schedule a day early to contact your leads before the other dealerships* 

Typically a BDC agent will call and leave a VM, send an email, and send a text message in the attempt to reach a contact and engage them in a conversation. Of course, this can get overwhelming for your prospect and for your BDC depending on the number of agents on staff. The above schedule typically works well for emailing and texting, but it may be best to have your BDC agents skip the call on day 10 if they have the option to text.  (Most customers will respond to texts before they will agree to a call or even reply to an email.)

Many dealerships have their BDC agents follow a script to keep customers engaged and walk them through the conversation. Conversations that last approximately five to six minutes have a better chance of ending in an appointment than the ones that last less or more than that time.

It is best to have agents switch their VM greetings to keep your customers engaged. Typically, the easiest way to do that is to make 2 VM greetings for days one and two (one for the morning and one for the afternoon) and one VM greeting for day 4 and onward. This way they can be sure customers are receiving a message that is unique to them.

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