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How to decrease late payments and increase customer convenience for Auto Lenders and BHPH Dealers

Customers typically don’t buy a car without the intention of making payments; however, a recent study shows that since 2017, buyers have put less priority on their car payments and a higher priority on other types of payments, like mortgages. Recently, consumers have even begun to prioritize credit card payments over auto payments as well.

This is why dealerships need to make the payment process as easy for customers as possible. Through your Consumer Payment App, customers can make payments with the click of a button while receiving customizable payment reminders AT NO COST TO YOU!

Use your Dealer Subprime Consumer Payment App to:

Create Customer Convenience. Making a payment has never been easier for your customers. Now they can make their payments anywhere without having to speak to anybody or see anyone in person.

Send Payment Reminders. Send customized, automated payment reminders to each of your customers before and/or after a payment is due.

Gain Brand Visibility. With your Consumer Payment App, your brand name and logo will be at the hands of every person who buys from you.

Enjoy Low Merchant Fees. Patriot Asset Management has worked tirelessly to ensure that dealers and lenders will not pay high merchant fees for their Consumer Payment App which is guaranteed to please.

Ensure security and safety. Our data is 100% secure. We cannot access or see your customer’s private payment information.


Customers are more likely to make payments when the process is simple and convenient. Your Consumer Payment App will have the ability to send reminders and collect payments in a way that is convenient for both you and your customers.

The Consumer Payment App is available for FREE at Patriot Asset Management. We are committed to your dealership’s success and are happy to help you customize options even further for a superior experience!

Email to get a personalized demonstration of our products and take advantage of our free resources.


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