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How to Gain Customer Retention: What Customers Need AFTER they buy a Vehicle!

There are a few ways to gain customer retention in your dealership. One of the most important is to understand what your customers need AFTER they buy a vehicle!

People are creatures of habit, so one could assume that they would be inclined to return to their dealership for a new car purchase, but over 80% of customers shop around online as their first step when they’re ready to buy a new car.

Why? Because habits are formed over time and buying a car is typically a 1-3 day process with years between each purchase.

To ensure that a customer will remember you when they’re ready to buy again, you need to do more than just provide a friendly experience when they’re in the showroom or send a cheesy Happy Birthday email.

Change the game by being a one-stop shop for your customer’s needs and granting them instant access to vital information like manufacturer recalls or dying car batteries. Luckily, there are ways to do this with your own Branded Dealer Smartphone App. The app is customizable, so you decide what you offer to customers for free and what you want to sell, like Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Maintenance Discount plans, Family Protection, and more.

Check out all the features you can sell inside your F&I department to help increase dealer revenue and customer retention.

Other things you could do would be:

  1. Inviting customers to celebrate their new car anniversary with a discounted offer following this template.

  2. Offer an email subscription on safety updates and new product features for the Model they just purchased.

  3. Be unique. See this article for ideas on gaining retention in your service center and dealership.

Do you offer something different for your customers? Share what works for you in the comments below and for more great ideas, follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our posts.


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