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Why Aren’t Former Customers Buying From You?

People are creatures of habit, so one could assume that they would be inclined to return to their dealership for a new car purchase. Unfortunately, nearly 90% of customers shop online as their first step when they’re ready to buy a new car. 

Why? Because habits are formed over time and buying a car is typically a 1-3 day process with years between each purchase.

To ensure your customer remembers you when they’re back in the market, you need to do more than just provide a seamless experience in the showroom. 

Change the game by offering customers instant access to vital information like manufacturer recalls or dying car batteries.

Use a FREE Dealer Smartphone App to offer/sell: 

Patriot Asset Management is proud to offer unique solutions for our customers and will provide customizable ways to increase ROI.

Have questions? Give us a call at 833-726-0767 or leave us a message.


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