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What is SILVER Protection and how can it affect your Subprime Business?

Nearly every transportation company is familiar with Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR), but did you know there’s a way to sell SVR to your subprime buyers without revealing too much information!?

Patriot Asset Management provides temporary tracking services to subprime buyers by allowing them to file a police report and use their certified ID number to access the tracking information for their stolen vehicle.

This service provides HUGE benefits to your customers and company including:

  1. Safety and protection from unauthorized drivers.

  2. Increased customer retention.

  3. The ability to restrict asset tracking for subprime buyers while still providing the service.

  4. Protection for parents with dementia and teenage drivers.

  5. Customer reports for technical issues like dying car batteries.

  6. Insurance discounts by many providers for inventory that’s monitored or tracked by a GPS device.

  7. A $5k Theft Benefit if for any reason the asset cannot be recovered.

  8. Keeping you at the forefront of your customers’ minds for increased retention and revenue.

  9. Drivers who purchase SVR are more likely to refer a family member or a friend.

  10. It is a great way to produce a massive ROI and still have a great collection tool.

SILVER Protection allows buyers to track their assets with an active police report. Vehicles can be reported stolen through the app, giving the police instant access to the vehicle.

You can sell SILVER Protection to increase dealer profits and gain a huge return on GPS investments.

To find out more about asset protection, give us a call at 833-726-0767 or send us an email.

We look forward to serving you and your customers.


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