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How to Increase Service Traffic

Increase Your Service Traffic With Just a Few Steps!

How to Create More Opportunities to Increase Service Traffic

(Without Creating More Work for your BDC)

In a typical dealership, the service center can generate up to 4X the revenue found in the sales department in a given year. Optimizing on the service department by creating easy opportunities for customers to visit your service center and make an appointment online is vital!

Of course, almost every dealership offers the opportunity for customers to schedule an oil change or other service with them through their website. The problem is, most buyers who get online are doing so to find discounts and get the cheapest service. They aren’t Googling their dealer’s website.

This is why dealerships need to have a Dealer Branded App where they can reach out to customers directly and remind them when it’s time to get services done to their cars. They can then use the app to let customers schedule an appointment immediately with their service center.

You can use your Dealer Branded Consumer App to:

Create Customer Convenience. With an easy to use app, you’ll take the time and effort out of a customer scheduling an appointment. The app can be opened faster than a customer could even Google your name.

Gain More Traffic in Your Service Department. Use your Dealer Branded Consumer App to drive more traffic and revenue to your Service Department.

Send Maintenance Reminders. Send customized, automated service reminders to each of your customers. Determine how often reminders are sent and for which services.

Send Personalized Messaging and Discounts To Your Customers. Just like maintenance reminders, your discounts and messaging are fully customizable with the option to send messages specific to the type of discount/notification.

Save Time For Your BDC and Service Departments. We take the pressure off your team with a fully automated consumer app, specific to your dealership.

Gain Brand Visibility. With your Dealer Branded Consumer App, your brand name and logo will be at the hands of every person who buys from your dealership.

Increase Customer Retention and Referrals. Word of mouth can be the strongest referral to ask for. When you provide simple and convenient solutions to your buyers, they have very few reasons not to return and refer others to you.

Increase ROI By Selling Connected Car Services like Maintenance Contracts in F&I. Many dealerships find it beneficial to provide a Dealer Branded App to consumers for Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Vehicle Alerts, Recall Notifications, and discounted maintenance services with automated reminders. This can increase PVR and ROI in Finance while further increasing profits in your Service Center.


When you provide the high level of customer convenience your buyers want, you are creating ample opportunities for your service center and dealership. 

The Dealer Branded Consumer App is available at Patriot Asset Management. We are committed to your dealership’s success and are happy to help you customize options even further for a superior experience!

Email to get a personalized demonstration of our products.


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