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How to Motivate Your Service Department

Providing Long-Term Motivation for Your Service Staff

When I was a manager, I would start each day with a short pep talk. Motivational talks can boost energy levels in the short term, but what’s the best way to motivate your staff in the long run?

When speeches, pizza, and donuts aren’t producing the results you need, it’s time to take a look at the processes in place.

Do your technicials seem happy at work? Are they compensated fairly? Do they feel heard? Appreciated?

Are there financial incentives in place for them to strive towards? If so, are they attainable?

Creating financial incentives is a popular way to motivate employees for one reason: it works! Come up with incentives that make sense for your company, but make sure that the incentives are attainable. For example, having an incentive of $50 for no legitimate comebacks in a month is (or should be) attainable. Having that incentive for a year is not.

Other attainable incentives include:

  1. $20 for the employee with the most positive reviews each month

  2. $60 for most hours turned in a month

  3. ($50 for 2nd and $30 for third if you are a large dealership)

  4. $1 for each day of no legitimate comebacks

As long as you have attainable goals for each technician, you can raise the bar by giving them something to strive for with higher incentives.

This may include:

  1. $400 for no legitimate comebacks in a year

  2. $150 for most hours turned in a year

  3. $150 for least number of legitimate comebacks in a year (if no one hit zero)

Having both short term and long term goals with attainable incentives can be a major morale booster!

To ensure your employees can meet their goals, use Patriot Asset Management to stay connected to your customers post-sale! PAM will reduce your dealer’s down time by providing incentives and discounts directly to your customers. You can also send customized discounts through your own Branded Dealer App and allow customers to schedule appointments with you instantly.

There are many ways to increase ROI with Patriot Asset Management. Call our office or email for more information.

If you liked this post, be sure to check out ways to reduce dealership turnover and contact 833-726-0767 with any questions.

Talk to you soon!


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