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How to Promote Urgency with Used Cars

Do you know that the best thing to do to promote urgency with your cars throughout the year is simply to name each month?

Give each month a name for a different sale! Examples include: New Years Extravaganza, Fantastic February, Rides of March, Awesome April, No Down Pay in May, June Over the Moon, Best Time to Buy in July, Summer Savings, September’s Sale to Remember, Scary Good October Savings, November to Remember, and End of Year Sales Event! Have each sale last 2-4 weeks and emphasize the amazing deals happening THIS month/week!

This strategy is seen primarily with New car dealers, but can be used with anyone. With pre-owned cars that don’t have given incentives by the manufacturer, choose a make or model that isn’t selling well to offer discounts on this month or have a “red flag” sale where cars that have been on the lot for more than 40 days are reduced.

This will encourage buyers to act quickly on the cars they are considering buying.

It’s okay to choose the same car back-to-back, but let buyers know that there’s no guarantee that a car selected one month will be selected the next.

Keeping customers guessing on which vehicles will be on sale will: 1.) Encourage your customers to act quickly on the cars you have on sale. 2.) Keep you in the forefront of their minds for cars they’re interested in that haven’t gone on sale yet.

Another great strategy is to offer giveaways with their purchase like a limited warranty or prepaid oil changes, allowing them to purchase additional time or features to increase ROI.

For more ideas on creating urgency or acquiring profitable features, contact Patriot Asset Management today.


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