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How to reuse a tracking device with Patriot Asset Management

Did you know that you can remove a device from one vehicle and reuse that device to track a different customer in a different car? It’s true, just close a customer’s loan and once the device is removed from the car, look up the VIN in the system under Vehicles and click “Remove Device.”

This will free the device up to be reused in your inventory. You can also keep track of vehicles that are sold to auction houses and if you do business with more than one location, transferring your assets is easy! Simply click “Transfer to Dealer” and select the location!

Your devices are backed by our PAM guarantee! We grant you access to see all devices at all times with 100% transparency. To learn more about PAM’s great features or to take an inside look at our system, call or text 833-726-0767 or schedule a demo today.


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