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Our Non-Reporting Dashboard

Patriot Asset Management is the only GPS tracking service to provide a Non-Reporting Dashboard!

This dashboard highlights any device tampers and non-reporting units for each device in your inventory.

We aren’t afraid of transparency and are performing well above the market average. PAM’s devices have over a 95% success in tracking rate while other major suppliers average between 70-90%.

With the PAM dashboard, one click will show you disconnected devices, non-reporting devices, low batteries for the vehicles in your inventory, Overdue Loans, Pending Recovery Orders, and Recovery Orders that have been successfully completed.

Our PAM Portal also makes it easy to see customers who are behind on payments and we have a built-in Payment Reminder to announce to customers that they are behind on their loan.

There’s a reason many customers have turned to PAM for their GPS tracking and other dealership needs.

Weighing options or have any questions about our service? Let us know and we will be happy to answer any questions or provide a free tour.


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