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Why Power Sport Dealers are Obsessed with PAM’s Connected Recreational Intelligence

What’s the most important thing for a power sports dealer? Profiting from a sale. What’s better than that? Maximizing that profit!

Adding just one or two F&I products like Stolen Asset Recovery with mileage-based maintenance notifications will increase your company’s revenue by several thousand dollars per year!

Power sports like motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, and small marine boats are a HUGE financial investment and your customers will pay to ensure their investment is protected.

A motorcycle is stolen every 11 minutes across the U.S. with less than half ever being recovered. RVs and other towable trailers are considered the 4th most common vehicle type to be stolen. That’s why it’s so important to have theft protection.

Imagine being able to protect your customers by tracking the vehicle with a $5,000 theft benefit for a massive increase in dealer revenue!

Of course, robberies aren’t the only thing threatening the safety of your customer’s new asset. Periodic maintenance repairs can become ghastly; offering customized maintenance notifications thru our PAM smartphone app will drive more service traffic, increase referrals, and make sure customers remember you when they’re ready for their next purchase.

PAM’s Connected Recreational Intelligence can be sold to customers on a yearly basis. This provides a great way for customers to protect their assets long-term while your dealership receives massive profits!

To learn more about PAM’s Connected Recreational Intelligence, contact us online or send us an email.


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