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The Branded App - A Cyber Threat Protection Tool

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The automotive industry recognizes the critical need for top-notch cybersecurity solutions to protect vehicles from cyber threats. The rapid increase of vehicle connectivity and adoption of Over-The-Air (OTA) updates have significantly elevated the risk of cyber-attacks targeting embedded systems, Electronic Control Units (ECUs), and other parts within the vehicles.

Automotive researchers anticipate that by 2030, approximately 96% of new vehicles across the globe will come equipped as connected cars. They will have built-in internet connectivity and access to a range of connected services. These modern technologies in vehicles is the reason the automotive industry must establish top-level cybersecurity measures.

What is Automotive Cyber Security?

Automotive cyber security refers to safeguarding electronic systems, networks, and software within vehicles from unauthorized access, manipulation, or exploitation. It involves implementing measures to safeguard against potential cyber threats that could compromise modern automotive technology’s safety and functionality. By using advanced encryption techniques, detection systems, and secure communication protocols, automotive cyber security aims to protect the integrity and reliability of vehicle systems in an interconnected and digitized automotive setting.

Current Cybersecurity Threats in the Automotive Industry

Attackers leverage unauthorized remote access mechanisms to disrupt vital systems and access sensitive data, therefore posing safety and privacy threats.

  • Phishing Attacks use deception to trick individuals into revealing login information or unintentionally taking harmful actions. This is done by posing fake emails or links. In the automotive industry, these attacks pose a great threat, potentially granting hackers unauthorized access to vital systems, including the manufacturer’s infrastructure and autonomous vehicle control systems. This could cause accidents or allow malicious control of self-driving cars through attacks on connected vehicle systems.

  • Brute Force Attack is an unauthorized attempt to access a vehicle’s systems by trying various passwords or codes. It can be used to unlock or start a vehicle without permission, leading to theft or misuse.

  • Misuse of Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations. The charging station devices could be exposed to vulnerabilities. Hackers can manipulate devices remotely, committing fraud, exploiting data, or disabling charging stations. Ensuring the security of EV charging infrastructure is essential for the reliability and success of sustainable mobility.

  • Ransomware Attacks uses ransomware to steal money from victims. Unlike other cyberattacks that try to steal data, ransomware takes complete control over systems and demands a ransom to release it. These attacks can devastate the automotive industry, as entire fleets of vehicles can become ransomed.

Ways the Automotive Industry Can Help Prevent Cyber Attacks

Automotive cyber security is crucial for ensuring the safety and privacy of vehicle users in the growing targeted remote-control threats and data breaches.

  • The Branded App by Patriot is designed to provide security, establish a direct non-invasive connection to the consumer, and generate ROI. Staying connected to the consumer on a regular basis is the key to staying on top of security, maintaining a relationship, and sending service reminders and coupons. Your dealership can be proactive by performing regular risk assessments that would identify potential risks and apply control measures to limit risk.

  • Establishing Secure Coding Practices such as adhering to industry-standard coding guidelines, is essential. Implementing review systems to identify possible vulnerabilities and utilizing secure development frameworks help minimize coding weaknesses.

  • Frequent Software Updates ensure that potential weaknesses are fixed, minimizing the risk of exploitation by cybercriminals. This also boosts the system’s security.

In this connected vehicle era, the safety of vehicles, passengers, and sensitive data relies on top-of- the-line cybersecurity measures, and it is time for automotive brands to start considering this as a crucial focus area in their value chain.

For personalized strategies to enhance dealership success and foster customer loyalty, reach out to ROI By Patriot at or call 833-726-0767.


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