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We got you covered with Stolen Vehicle Recovery!

Patriot Asset Management is committed to protecting the people we serve and to protecting the people they serve, too.

It’s not often that we are called to action to assist with stolen vehicle recovery, but when we are, we’re ready.

In March of 2020, after many businesses (including PAM) were forced to switch to remote operations, we received a call letting us know that a customer’s vehicle had been stolen. Because the car was parked inside of a strip mall, the GPS was reporting the street name and image, but not the exact location.

A representative who had been with the company for less than a month took the call. With no colleagues close by to assist, they aided the police and dealership in recovering the car on their own.


With the easy to use features offered inside of the PAM portal. Lizzy, the PAM rep, clicked on the “View in Google Maps” feature and discovered that the car was parked at the McDonalds in the strip mall. Lizzy was then able to determine that the thieves were inside enjoying a meal based on the number of minutes that the car had been parked.

She was right and the vehicle was returned to the customer less than an hour after it was reported missing.

The option to “View in Google Maps” is still a feature that is available to PAM users today, and since this experience, we have added precise latitude and longitude coordinates that will allow recovery agents and police officers to locate a vehicle, even inside a strip mall.

PAM is committed to providing exceptional customer service and to offering more than just asset protection. We provide commitment, honesty, and transparency. To find out just how much transparency, please view our post about PAM’s Non-Reporting Dashboard and for more information, contact PAM today!


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