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5 Ways a BDC Benefits Your Dealership

BDC agents are the jack of all trades.

Yes, they’re known for making sure customers are contacted quickly, but a BDC can be used for many, many things. Here are just five ways a BDC benefits your dealership!

#1: A BDC ensures that all of your leads are contacted quickly. Studies show that leads that were contacted within 5 minutes convert at a much faster rate than leads that waited 5+ minutes for an initial contact. In fact, most customers will visit the dealership who contacted them first and ignore other attempts from competing dealers.

#2: BDCs do more than just contact a lead initially. A customers is more likely to visit a dealer: in the first three days after submitting a lead, 7 days after submitting a lead, 14-15 days after submitting a lead, and one month after submitting a lead. Many dealerships have their BDC contact leads for 90 days following this schedule.

#3: A BDC can do more than just contact NEW prospects. Use your BDC to follow up with unsold contacts and bring them back for a second chance. Your BDC can offer for a different manager to appraise their trade or invite the customer to meet with the manager directly for renegotiation. They can even discuss new/similar inventory to find a car that meets the customer’s needs at a good price and increase show rates by selling appointments in writing.

#4: BDC agents can also promote customer retention by enticing loyal customers with an exclusive Upgrade Program. Your CRM should let you know how long a customer has been in their vehicle and you can use your tracking service to tell you when a customer returns to your lot for service. Use the time they’re in the waiting room to show them similar inventory and entice them to upgrade to a newer model. Alternatively, create a phone script your agents can use to encourage customers to return to your lot from their homes.

#5: In events where your sales staff are slammed with customers (and there are more customers waiting to be seen), BDC agents can step in to qualify your customers and learn about their needs. Then they’ll be able to find the best matching cars you have in your inventory and get those cars ready for your customers and sales teams.

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