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Contending With Savvy BHPH Customers

With inflation at its highest levels in over 40 years and the cost-of-living pushing people to choose the bills they are going to pay, repo orders are up 60%! Sadly, the percentage of recovered assets isn’t nearly as high as savvy BHPH customers have learned how to tamper with and disconnect GPS devices.

Patriot Asset Management is the only GPS tracking service to provide a Non-Reporting Dashboard! This dashboard allows BHPH owners the ability to identify devices that have been disconnected or tampered with in real time. Spot the customer who is about to stop paying or push the repo button quicker on a customer who has missed a payment.

How Patriot connects you to your customer:

· Tamper alerts notify management of a disconnected device. They can be set up to be received in live time or in a scheduled report set to run daily/weekly/monthly.

· Backup Device: After finding 1 device, most BHPH customers stop looking. A well placed secondary device increases recovery by 90% and it is a heck of a lot cheaper than a skip repo!

· Maintenance reminders allow the dealer to stay engaged with the customer on a consistent basis. COMMUNICATION is the key to a stable relationship with consumers. If you stay in touch with them, they are less likely to tamper with the devices on their vehicles

There’s a reason so many customers have turned to PAM for their GPS tracking and other dealership needs. PAM is not afraid of transparency and is performing well above the market average. PAM’s devices have over a 95% success rate while other major suppliers average between 65 - 80%.

If you have any questions about our service, contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions or provide a free tour of our services.

The experts at Patriot Asset Management can customize a plan to help your dealership’s ROI increase exponentially. Your journey toward enhancing customer loyalty and dealership success begins here. For additional information, contact Patriot Asset Management at or call 833-726-0767.


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