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Protecting Your Dealership Inventory From Theft & Damage

Vehicle thefts are on the rise in the U.S. according to a report from the National Insurance Crime Bureau at the end of 2023. There is an uptick in crime on car lots and it isn’t just your standard after hours boost. Theft comes in many different forms. Whether it is the unreturned test drive or savvy criminals taking advantage of busy salespeople with a key-swap scam. There are many ways to prevent theft on a dealership lot, but the traditional ways - bright lights, fences, and security guards are no longer effective or cost friendly. The best way to monitor and protect your inventory from theft is the branded app from ROI By Patriot.

The Branded App – Ways To Prevent Theft

By preloading your lot with state of the art GPS devices from Patriot you can monitor your assets 24/7 with live time alerts, after hours tracking, and all the metrics you need to keep tabs on your most important resource.


  • Protect yourself after hours with entry exit alerts. Know immediately when a vehicle has left your lot with live time alerts to your designated team member 24/7.

  • Geofence your test drive areas and know immediately when a vehicle wanders outside of your approved locations.

  • Receive impact alerts for potential accidents on test drives and on the lot that would normally be hidden.

  • Geofence multiple lots to track all movement.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

When an asset leaves the lot on an unauthorized trip, enable recovery mode and provide access to live time tracking to your local PD for a fast recovery. Speed is the key. When you can provide live time tracking to the authorities the recovery process is an aggressive one.

As the cost of everything climbs the loss of an asset has potential to be overwhelming. Utilizing the inventory management system designed by the experts at ROI By Patriot protects your assets pre-sale and the features available to your customers post sale reinforce your relationship and keep you connected.

The experts at ROI By Patriot can customize a plan to help your dealership’s ROI increase exponentially. Your journey toward enhancing customer loyalty and dealership success begins here. For additional information, contact Patriot Asset Management at or call 833-726-0767.


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