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How Did a Branded App by Patriot Transform This Dealership's Business? Testimonies and Insights

Taalib Jabaar, GM of Service Carnamic

What do you think is the main benefit of having a branded app for your dealership?

Well, while I appreciate how it elevates our brand image from my standpoint, having the ability to target customers for service is a game changer. I love it. The fact that I can create coupons and set maintenance notifications to send automatically to our customers and drive them into our service center where our team of professionals can diagnose issues, answer questions, and build on the relationship is huge. Staying connected to customers is the key to ongoing business.

How has using the Patriot branded app helped your dealership excel over using a national app?

I think it has created a lot of pride in our people. We sell our products and services, not some other brands that you can find in 90% of other dealerships. Having that level of commitment has led to a stronger connection with our customers.

What would your customers say about the branded app and how it benefits them?

Most of the feedback I get is through my service managers. Customers are constantly saying how much they appreciated the notification that service was done. They appreciate the fact that they aren't getting hammered with phone calls and it is a simple push notification to their phone. On top of that, the loyalty coupons are also very well received.

Do you feel that the branded app has helped you stay connected with the customers? And how?

Overall, our service center appointments are up by 40%. It is directly tied to the notifications and coupons we send through the App. Our strategy is fairly simple. We services to be received based on mileage targets. A few times a month, we create coupons to back up different services and spur appointments and engagement. 

Do you have a quote to share about the Patriot Branded App?

"It is a game changer. Patriot laid out the plan to increase customer connections and executed flawlessly."

Managing An Economic Turndown

- Offer perks & maintenance reminders

- Lean into existing relationships- Let customers know you care

- Offer value through couponing

- Offer vehicle service contracts & limited warranties

- Offer a referral program

- An email campaign can be successful

- Consider an in-house party with giveaways


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