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How to Create a Recovery Order in less than thirty seconds!

PAM offers easy and compliant recovery orders. A recovery order can be created on any Loan (Add Payment Assurance to a vehicle to make it a Loan) that is marked Overdue. To do this, simply click “Create Recovery Order” and enter your agent’s email address.

The agent will get a notification and can accept or decline via email. (Re-assign the RO by entering a new email address if needed.) Once the agent accepts, they can access the tracking of the car via the PAM app where they will be able to see ONLY the vehicles they were assigned.

Once the car is collected, close the recovery order with a single click and select “Close Loan” or “Mark Loan Current.” If you aren’t sure whether or not the customer will be back for the car, mark the loan current and it can always be closed later.

When you are ready to close the loan, select the closest reason for the loan closing. Any time the car is going to be resold, select “Asset Returned to Inventory.” This will move the car back in Vehicles where it can be sold to another customer. (Customers can be moved to Loans with only their First and Last name in a “Quick Loan” or will their full information (name, address, and payment information) in a “Standard Loan.” Loans can be edited to add or change any information at any time.

We are committed to providing you with the best services, features, and experience by leading through commitment, honesty, and transparency. Download our easy and compliant recovery app for FREE to view your assets anywhere, anytime!

You can download the app here.

To find out more about our services, call or text 833-726-0767 or schedule a demo today.


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