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How Your Customers Benefit from Family Plan Protection

Providing a Family Protection Plan is a huge benefit both to you as a dealership and to your customers as well.

A Family Protection Plan:

  1. Provides safety from theft and from unauthorized drivers.

  2. Sets limits and parameters with timed geofencing

  3. Sends updates on speed alerts.

  4. Updates your customer of potential collisions.

  5. Sends notifications for dying batteries or technical issues.

  6. Provides updates on manufacturer recalls.

  7. Sends periodic service reminders.

  8. Lets you (the dealership) send customizable maintenance discounts.

People typically buy the Family Protection Plan to:

  1. Monitor their teenagers or new drivers

  2. Protect parents with dementia

  3. Protect their car from theft

  4. Feel safe!

Whether your customer buys a new or pre-owned car, they want to know that they made a good decision and that their car will last them a long time. This is why Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Family Protection plans are so important. They provide that safety and comfort by letting buyers know that they are always in control of their assets.

As the dealer, you may be wondering “What’s in it for me?” The answer: More than you think!

Offering these things to your customers will:

  1. Help your buyers trust you by validating their decision to go to your dealership.

  2. Increase their peace of mind and overall satisfaction, leading to more referrals.

  3. Let you send customizable service reminders directly to their phones

  4. Keep you at the top of your customers’ mind by staying in contact contact with them.

  5. Let your customers see your Brand name each time they open their app.

  6. Increase revenue for your dealership by selling these services!

Of course, the service you use and sell has to be reliable.

At Patriot Asset Management, we serve customers through commitment, honesty, and transparency and only offer reliable, high-quality devices so you have peace of mind knowing that your customers are always protected.

For more great services, visit our Franchise Dealership page and for great information and free tips, check out our Blog posts or follow us on Facebook. If you have any questions, send us an email. We’re always happy to help.


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